We appreciate the chazarah you do with your children and understand that you may want to learn something else with them as well.

At Noam we value the fact that our parents take an active role in their children's chinuch. In order to avoid doubling up on what we teach in school, which can often lead to a child being unstimulated, we would ask that you avoid the following Mishnayos and seforim of Nach.


Mishnayos Year Nach
Berachos Year 3 Yehoshua
Succah/Megillah Year 4 Shofetim
Rosh HaShannah Year 5/6 Shmuel I
Pesachim Year 6 Shmuel II
Pirkei Avos Years 5/6 (Girls)  


If you have any questions about this, or would like to discuss it, please free to contact Mrs Chody or Rabbi Cohen at the school

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