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Autumn 2018

Curriculum; Assessment; Behaviour

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Autumn 2017

Kodesh; Shabbat UK; Competitions; Citizenship, British Values & Assemblies; Young Writers Competition; World Diabetes Day; Continued Professional Development; Parent Sessions; School Show; The End...

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Spring 2017

Music Day; School Council; Purim; PaJeS Awards; Professional Development; Assemblies; Sponsored Skip; Inter School Girls' Choir Festival; Outings; Matza Bakery; School Dinner; School Survey

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Autumn 2016

Kodesh; Shabbat UK;  Citizenship, British Values and Assemblies; Black History Month; Other Religions; Continued Professional Development; School Council; Healthy Eating; Scholastic Book Week; Parent sessions; School Show; Shloime Gertner; CBG (Caught Being Good); Forthcoming attractions

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Summer 2016

SATs Results; British Values; Themed Weeks; Inter-Faith; Outings; Special Events; Clubs; Parent Events; Awards; Simchos;  Looking Forward to a New Year

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Spring 2016 

Rosh Chodesh; Awards; Tracking Data; Library; Professional Development; British Values Assemblies; Clubs; Outings; Caught Being Good (CBG); Visitors; School Dinner

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Autumn 2015

Awards; Alice in Wonderland; Kodesh Initiatives (Shabbat UK, Chanukah); Citizenship and British Values (Black History Month, Other Religions); Pupil Behaviour (CBG, Anti-Bullying Week); E-Safety Awareness Day; School Show; Outings; Evening Sessions for Parents; Scholastic Book Week; Forthcoming Attractions

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