We wish to ensure that all our pupils are safe when they are dropped off and collected.  

Therefore, we would respectfully bring to your attention the following:

  1. The playground is supervised from 8.30am. If you wish to drop your child before this time please be aware that s/he will have no adult supervision and the School takes no responsibility for them. 
  2. Children must be brought into the Nursery and collected by an adult. We do not permit children under the age of 16 to drop off or collect any child from the school.
  3. Nursery and Reception end at 3:45pm and the children should be collected from their teachers. We will supervise the children until you arrive.
  4. School ends for children in Y1&2 at 3:45pm. Teachers are on duty until 4pm, to ensure supervision in case of any unexpected delays.
  5. Y3-6 finish their day at 4:00pm and should be collected from the playground. Teachers are on duty until 4:15pm, to ensure supervision in case of any unexpected delays.
  6. If you are delayed when collecting your child/rota please call the School Office so that we can notify the teacher on duty and the children concerned.
  7. If your child needs to leave school for an appointment during the day they must be collected from their classroom. For security reasons they will not be allowed to wait by the gate to be collected. If you have been called to collect a child who is unwell please collect from the School Office.
  8. If your child arrives at School late, please inform the Office, either in person or by phone so we can ensure that your child has arrived safely in their classroom.
  9. When bringing a rota for Sunday Cheder please check that an adult is in the playground before leaving children. The gates may be unlocked for use by the Shul and is not a sign that the Rebbes have arrived.
  10. Please be aware of the area of restricted parking outside the premises, marked by double yellow lines. As well as being illegal to park in this zone it compromises the safety of both road users and pedestrians. It also limits the view of the person on security.

We appreciate that the journey can be difficult and parking challenging but all these measures are to ensure the safety of your children when arriving, entering and leaving the building. We thank you for your help in upholding them.

The Senior Leadership Team

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