The aim of Noam is to provide excellence in primary school education that is founded upon Jewish laws, heritage and culture.

The School was established upon the belief that every aspect of our lives must be guided by the Torah and its values, and that those values, if instilled in our children when they are young, have every hope of remaining with them throughout their lives.

Fundamentally, the School recognises that the personal example set by parents is crucial for success in chinuch. For this reason, the School is committed to catering to halachically Jewish families who maintain strict observance of Orthodox Jewish religious and cultural norms, the parameters of which are (wherever necessary) defined by the principal Rav.

The School expects that a Noam family will be committed to furthering its knowledge and study of Torah and to creating a home that has mitzvah observance and Torah values at its core. The keeping of Shabbos, Kashrus, and Taharas Hamishpocha are absolute requirements. Likewise, the mitzvos for a married woman to adhere to a modest code of dress and to cover her hair in accordance with halocho at all times are considered indispensable, thereby ensuring consistency with the religious ideals the School seeks to encourage and instill amongst its pupils.

Further, it is axiomatic that Torah hashkofoh and refined middos in our children can only be nurtured in an environment where media such as television, video, DVD, cinema, computer games and the internet are carefully monitored. To this end, it is expected that a Noam family will ensure by putting in place safeguards that children are not exposed to inappropriate material. It is further expected that parents will demonstrate sensitivity to other families’ views and standards when permitting such media to be utilised in the presence of their children’s friends.

The School educates boys and girls and it is our intention that each year group will eventually have parallel classes so that the boys and girls are able to study separately. However, in the meantime we aim to ensure that where possible we achieve and maintain a balance of boys and girls in each class.

In the final analysis, if Noam children display a refinement of character and an appreciation for the beauty of Torah-true Judaism, then Noam will be achieving its goals.

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